Automation Is Helping Retain Employees Despite the Great Resignation

Automation Is Helping Retain Employees Despite the Great ResignationAutomation Is Helping Retain Employees Despite the Great Resignation

Automation Is Helping Retain Employees Despite the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is a term that has been in use since early 2021 when large numbers of employees began voluntarily resigning from their jobs. A whopping 47 million people left their jobs in 2021, and as of February 2022, there were more than 11 million job openings in the U.S.

Employees have given many reasons for resigning from their jobs. The top ones include low pay, lack of advancement opportunities, feeling disrespected at work, trouble finding childcare, lack of flexibility in terms of work schedule, insufficient benefits, and working too many or too few hours.

So, if all of these reasons are the driving force behind people resigning from their jobs, what can employers do to make them stay? At a time when employee turnover is high and costly and retaining employees is difficult, employers can take advantage of automation to help keep employees from resigning.

What Makes Employees want to Stay?

In order to understand how automation can help with employee retention, you have to know what makes them want to stay on with a company. While pay is certainly an important factor, it is not the only one, nor even the most important. A recent global study found the following were the top drivers of a positive work experience that make employees want to stay with their employers:

  • A good work/life balance – 50%
  • Being part of a team – 41%
  • Having the proper equipment/tools for the job – 38%
  • Feeling heard and having feedback considered – 36%
  • Compensation – 36%

How Automation Can Help

Automation and the Great Resignation

There are many ways automation can be used to improve the employee experience, resulting in a happier and more engaged employee. Take a look:

Offer flexibility in where they work

Intelligent automation makes it possible for employees to access the processes and tasks they need to do their job no matter where they are. This means they can enjoy a hybrid work environment that allows them to work from home when needed and still be highly productive.

Improved work/life balance

With so many people leaving their jobs and so many people being laid off, the people who remained have had to take on more and more of the work burden. This increases stress and decreases job satisfaction. Automating tasks and processes relieves that burden, so employees don’t have to put in extra hours and can find a better work/life balance without sacrificing productivity.

Automating repetitive tasks

The automation of repetitive tasks and processes is a natural progression to achieving a good work/life balance. Having to perform repetitive tasks is time-consuming, tedious, and joyless. Employees have so much more to give you, so relieve them of the repetitive tasks so they can engage in higher-value tasks.

Giving employees the tools they need

An intelligent automation platform that requires little to no code makes it possible for employees to create their own tools, such as a virtual assistant, when they need them. This will allow them to customize their tools to suit their unique needs, ultimately increasing their productivity.

Making it easy to collaborate and work as a team

When employees can connect and share work resources, such as notes and even bots, they can enrich each other’s work and create an environment that thrives on collaboration. Not only that, but cloud and automation technology together make it possible for employees to connect with each other, no matter where they are working.

Provide opportunities for advancement

With the automation boom that has arisen, companies are in need of people with the skills to work with automated systems. From developers to analysts to workflow specialists, your employees can broaden their skills and move within the company to fill these positions and their desire for advancement.

What Comes Next?

The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled the growth of automation technology, and it is expected that our relationship with that technology will only deepen in the coming years. Robotic process automation (RPA) is at the forefront of this technology. It is offered as RPA-as-a-Service, being integrated into all existing digital technologies to reduce costs for companies, while increasing productivity and easing the workload for employees. This is a win-win, generating better results for the company while creating happier employees who want to stay.

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Everything Dealers Need to Know about FASTag

  • Everything Dealers Need to Know about FASTag

Technology is evolving quickly in India and you need to know how to keep up. One of the upcoming changes is how drivers make toll payments when they are on the road. Up until the end of December 2020, drivers will still be able to pay the traditional way – using cash or credit. However, once January 1, 2021 arrives, they will be required to have FASTag.

What Is FASTag?

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system that is operated by the NHAI. It is a technology that is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which allows drivers to make toll payments without the need for cash or even credit or debit. They don’t even need to stop their car to pay their toll. The FASTag is adhered to the windscreen of their car and scanned whenever the car passes through a toll plaza. The toll is automatically deducted from the driver’s prepaid FASTag account.

Why FASTag?

The use of FASTag has significant benefits for drivers, as well as the highways systems of India. Drivers can move through toll plazas without the inconvenience of stopping or waiting in a lineup of vehicles. This can significantly cut down on their driving time. The FASTag system will keep traffic moving smoothly, preventing congestion at toll plazas. Best of all, the Indian government is offering 2.5 per cent cashback on toll payments made using FASTag.

How to buy a Fastag?

Drivers can get a FASTag from anyone of 23 certified banks, at National Highway toll plazas and through online retail platforms such as Amazon, Snapdeal, and Paytm. Once they have their FASTag, they can link it directly to their credit card, bank account, or wallet. Drivers can top up their prepaid account at any time and every time they go through a toll plaza, they will receive an SMS text message alerting them to the toll payment.

How TiA Industry Accelerator (IA) can help your customers with FASTag?

How does FASTag affect buying a new vehicle? Before that vehicle can be put on the road, a FASTag must be acquired and the account set up. This is yet another item in the long list of things a new car owner must deal with before they can drive off the lot.

The TiA Industry Accelerator is part of the Tangentia Intelligent Automation (TiA) Platform. The TiA IA is built to serve the needs of various industries, offering deployment-ready software solutions built to accelerate business processes. It is built with the automotive retail sector in mind and provides you with digital worker capabilities that allow you to:

  • Streamline the collection of vehicle owner data from multiple outlets
  • Automate all aspects of purchasing a vehicle from one convenient platform
  • Enhance your customer service and increase satisfaction
  • Automate mundane tasks for automotive dealerships so you can focus on core competencies
  • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance in the automotive industry

The capabilities of TiA Industry Accelerator (IA) can be extended, modified or customized, depending on your needs, making it the ideal solution for all your process automation, including the purchase and setup of FASTag.

At Tangentia, we are ready to partner with you to offer smooth and speedy FASTag compliance for the vehicles sold under your dealership as mandated by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), India. This is a must since, as of April 1, 2021, new third-party vehicle insurance will be issued only if the vehicle has a valid FASTag.

So, let TiA IA help you help your customers purchase the vehicle they want without all the hassle that comes with a vehicle purchase. When you can do this, you will provide your customers with a superior buying experience, enabling them to hit the road immediately.

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Tangentia is a Platinum Partner of IBM and well as partners with Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon and leading enterprise software vendors. We work with customers globally with offices in Canada, USA, Mexico and India to implement their RPA strategies.
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Tangentia receives Automation Anywhere’s IMEA Partner Awards 2020

  • Tangentia is awarded “Excellence in Business Process Automation 2020 – IMEA” from Automation Anywhere.

At Tangentia, we are proud to announce we are the recipient of the “Excellence in Business Process Automation – India” award as part of Automation Anywhere’s esteemed IMEA Partner Awards 2020.

As a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Automation Anywhere is dedicated to helping organizations around the world move into the 21st century by creating innovative Intelligent Digital Workforce’s that will automate the fundamental processes they need to operate. As an Automation Anywhere partner, Tangentia has its finger on the pulse of agile digital transformation, thinking outside the box and delivering innovative solutions on a global scale.

The excellence award is a testament to Tangentia’s vision and leadership in the intelligent automation category and our dedication to customer experience, which is at the core of everything we do. This is in large part thanks to our work with Automation Anywhere. “We hold our partnership with Automation Anywhere in high regard,” says Tangentia CEO Vijay Thomas. “It has helped us provide even more value to our customers through the creative use of cognitive bots and our proven ‘global boutique’ deliver model. This award reinforces our commitment to RPA, helping organizations with their digital transformations and partnership with Automation Anywhere.”

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Tangentia is a Platinum Partner of IBM and well as partners with Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon and leading enterprise software vendors. We work with customers globally with offices in Canada and India to implement their RPA strategies using an agile methodology.
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Tangentia: Keeping Up With The Times

  • Tangentia: Keeping Up With The Times

Tangentia is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions worldwide. They empower companies of all sizes with proven Automation, B2B, and Digital integration solutions and strategies that help their clients maintain a competitive edge.

In 2020, the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz in its 4th edition was held in 6 Indian cities with the finals in Goa and more than 200 teams participated in the quiz. Tangentia embraced Covid-19 as a new normal and undertook measures to keep their customers and employees engaged some of which like the Tangentia Talkies got a lot of attention from the global and local press.

Tangentia’s proactive engagement with customers, prompt and timely deliverable even during the lock-down, launching innovative ways such as Webinars and campaigns to showcase continual progress, and automating its processes has kept the company a client favourite all along.

Dealing With The Pandemic

Where the global COVID-19 outbreak has led to the partial collapse of most essential and non-essential business organizations, Tangentia has risen above the storm and introduced a unique remote employee engagement program namely ‘Tangentia Talkies’ to embark upon the stumpy self-esteem of its employees and ensure connectivity with one another.

“Covid-19 has shown us new ways to work together as a company. ‘Tangentia Talkies’ will be a corner-stone of our new HR engagement strategy. Our team motivation and bonding has been strong during these tough times and one of our mantras for success is to communicate, communicate, communicate.” Vijay Thomas, Founder-CEO, Tangentia Technologies.

‘Tangentia Talkies’ is a day-to-day online gathering that is conducted on the Google Hangouts platform wherein an employee is given an opportunity to make a presentation for a brief duration of about 10 to 15 minutes concluding with a quick Q&A session. This unique initiative as its name itself denotes provides a ‘talk show’ like experience to the participants that begins with a theme song, goes on to start the presentation and concludes with the rolling of final credits and applause for the speaker of the session.

The range of topics that are discussed during these sessions is abundantly broad to an extent that it enables speakers to converse about their passion, enlighten the audience about their surreptitious talents or just articulate upon a topic that could spread awareness in society. Few issues that have been discussed so far through this one-of-a-kind forum are ‘Trust in the Digital Era’ presented by Rajhans Gupta (Sales Manager), ‘Importance of Mental Health’ presented by Malav Kansara (Staffing Manager), ‘Mystery Called Dreams’ presented by Shweta Kandri and many more!

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Tangentia is a Platinum Partner of IBM and well as partners with Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon and leading enterprise software vendors. We work with customers globally with offices in Canada and India to implement their RPA strategies using an agile methodology.
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Tangentia Talkies : How is Tangentia Keeping its Employees engaged during the Lockdown?

  • Tangentia Talkies
    How Tangentia is keeping its employees engaged during lockdown

    Mamatha Manu

The closure of non-essential businesses and physical distancing mandates across the globe from COVID-19 has revealed an important challenge for organizations needing to quickly adopt a remote worker strategy. Over the course of a month businesses have had to quickly mobilize their in-office workforce with the tools they needed to work from home, while maintaining security and compliance. As leaders and internal teams were busy focusing on the “how” we also needed to pay close attention to our most critical asset – the people.

Organizations needed to ensure the mental well-being of its employees as they experience a major shift in their daily routines. Helping them stay engaged and motivated to ensure productivity and operational efficiencies, as best as possible. The unfortunate truth after a few weeks many remote employees started to feel the burden of isolation and missing the lack of in-person collaboration with their colleagues.

At Tangentia our team was already experienced in collaborating and working remotely with offices in both Canada and India and employees working onsite in Saudi Arabia and different parts of Canada but we realized we needed to do more. So we introduced a Remote Employee Engagement Program to tackle low morale and ensure everyone felt connected.
One initiative we launched is called –“Tangentia Talkies”

Tangentia Talkies is a daily session conducted on Google Hangout, which is presented by an employee for a short duration (10-15 minutes) with a Q&A period at the end. The format resembles a “talk show host” experience, which can be derived from the name itself (Tangentia Talkies). It begins with a theme song and continues with a presentation from the speaker. Once the presentation is over, the final credits are rolled, and everyone applauds the speaker and the listeners for their active participation in contributing to our collaborative culture.

The topic presented could be anything under the sun! The presenter could choose to educate the team on a topic they are passionate about, spread awareness for a cause or share a hidden talent with the team!

Some of the topics that have already been shared by the Tangentia team are Trust in the Digital Era which was presented by Rajhans Gupta(Sales Manager) wherein he spoke about the importance of trust and the effect it has on brands, ratings and protocols. The five main elements of trust and how companies can work on building trust among their consumers. Malav Kansara, Manager- Staffing presented on the “importance of Mental Health”. He presented a topic which is still considered a taboo with sensitivity and flair. He encouraged everyone to normalize this topic and seek help, if needed. You go to a doctor when you feel ill physically, the mind is no different- it also needs a specialist to heal.Priyanka Phadte, a trainee from the RPA vertical presented on “Parable” and encouraged everyone to think outside the box wherein the possibilities are infinite.She used animation in her presentation and showcased the different skills that she possessed. An otherwise shy and soft spoken- Shweta Kandri presented on the “Mystery called Dreams”. She explained a few famous theories on dreams like the Freudian Theory and the Modern theory and gave us a few interesting facts on dreams too.
The goal of the activity is to encourage open communication, maintain daily interaction with the team and eliminate the feeling of isolation – even if it’s for a short time.

The format resembles a “talk show host” experience, which can be derived from the name itself (Tangentia Talkies). It begins with a theme song and continues with a presentation from the speaker. Once the presentation is over, the final credits are rolled, after the HR department applauds the speaker and the listeners for their active participation in building our collaborative culture.

For businesses navigating these times of uncertainty the highest priority is often maintaining relationships and project success, but at Tangentia we work hard to find the balance between partners, projects and our people. We utilize collaboration tools such as Google Hangouts, Chat, WhatsApp and our phones to maintain open communication with our team.
We hope by sharing what we are doing at Tangentia during COVID-19, that it inspires other companies to implement similar programs, afterall we are all in this together.

#StayHome #FlattentheCurve

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Tangentia is a Platinum Partner of IBM and well as partners with Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon and leading enterprise software vendors. We work with customers globally with offices in Canada and India to implement their RPA strategies using an agile methodology.
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Tangentia Receives Prestigious 2019 Top 20 RPA Service Providers Award

  • Tangentia Receives Prestigious 2019 Top 20 RPA Service Providers Award

Tangentia is extremely proud to announce that their India team is the recipient of the 2019 Top 20 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service Providers award. This award is presented to companies that have a proven track record when it comes to the deployment and maintenance of RPA systems, making them a trusted service provider for companies that want to implement RPA in their business.

The CIO Review India editorial team, along with a panel of leading industry analysts, CEO’s and CIO’s took great care in researching all qualified candidates to determine which of them had enough industry experience and technical skill to warrant a spot in the top 20. The award comes at a critical time, as Ernst & Young reports that just 30% to 50% of RPA implementations succeed at improving the efficiency of a business’s overall processes.
The entire global #TangentiaTeam is proud of what our colleagues in India have done and slowly but surely customers worldwide will know of Tangentia’s agile digital transformation solutions around Automation, B2B and Digital” says Vijay Thomas, Founder and CEO of Tangentia.

Tangentia would like to thank all our customers, partners and associates in India for helping us achieve this honor.

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RPA has been embraced by many sectors, such as medicine, hospitality, retail, & manufacturing. Now, the financial sector is gearing up for a shift in financial management that will see companies digitize and streamline financial processes. Read our latest blog on how financial companies and internal finance teams are looking to RPA to become more efficient in day to day operations.
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Digital Transformation: One Button at a time!

Digital Transformation: One Button at a time!

Tangentia Media

Finding the right promotional giveaways for your exhibition can be a challenge.Promotional products are only successful in marketing your company or organization if the person who receives it is actually going to make use of it. When choosing a product, think about how well you might receive the item?

With this in mind, our marketing team did a fantastic job of getting it right, making our Tangentia Badges a huge success at Vibrant Goa. Check out some of the final designs that made it from the hundreds of initial ones our team worked on.

Tangentia – I Love Goa

The biggest hit at the event by a mile, this button was popular amongst visitors, fellow exhibitors and students alike. We even had our humble button get a few selfies with some big-name personalities like Mr. Piyush Goyal – Minister of Railways & Commerce Government of India, Mr. Pramod Sawant, Honorable Chief Minister of Goa & Mr. Jagat Shah – Chief Mentor Vibrant Goa.

Tangentia – KEEP CALM and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) not only powers your latest smartphone nowadays but, is also providing solutions to big and thorny problems like business processes, digital security, disaster  management and cancer treatment.
Tangentia.AI is helping companies leverage this potential for faster, smarter and more economic growth. As such, it makes sense to just sit back, relax and AI!

Tangentia – Kitne BOTS the re Kaliya?

Perhaps one of the most iconic dialogues from one of the most iconic movies of yesteryears.
Tangentia’s Robotic Process Automation team took this timeless classic and made it their own. With RPA and Intelligent Automation, the possibilities for business processes and growth is virtually limitless.

Tangentia – To be or not to B2B, That is the question?

Question indeed, and one our experts at Tangentia.B2B can help answer. Tangentia EDI is a one-stop shop for your EDI, B2B, trading partner, supply chain requirements. Connect your business with your enterprise-level trading partners worldwide through our network of more than 2000+ EDI connections, & integrate your EDI data with your ERP and other internal business applications seamlessly.

Tangentia – Wanna chAI?

A quirky take on the famous desi Chai and Tangentia’s budding AI division that is helping accelerate digital transformation through intelligent automation.As the saying goes, a BOT can happen over coffee!

Grab your Free button now!

With all the love and praise we received at Vibrant goa, and with most of our buttons running out of stock by day 3, it only seems fair that we send out some more to those who didn’t get one. If you would like to receive any of these buttons, do let us know in the form below, and Tangentia will send them out to you, for Free!

Tangentia at Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019

  • Tangentia at Vibrant Goa Global Expo and Summit 2019

Think Global, Act Local

Tangentia was Gold Sponsor at Vibrant Goa 2019, Goa’s largest international business expo & summit, which kicked off to much fanfare on 17th October 2019 at the S.P Mukherjee Indoor Stadium, Panaji.The 3-day event saw an average of 50,000 footfalls per day, with participation from 56 countries, 20 Indian states & over 3000 businesses.

Tangentia’s booths showcased our acumen in end-to-end solutions for Automation, B2B and Digital. On display were some of Tangentia AI’s interactive bot’s letting visitors get a first-hand feel of how automation and Tangentia.AI is transforming industry processes and experiences.

Visitors to Our Booth

The Tangentia booth had a lot of footfalls – we did not count but surely more than a couple of 1000 over the 3 days. We had delegates from 42 countries visit us and more than 500 business cards. Some of our visitors were quite high profile and can be seen above.

“My Mantra for Success” Campaign

A huge hit at the event was Tangentia’s “My mantra for success” contest. The campaign witnessed 1000+ contestants battle it out online for a chance to win an Amazon Echo every day.The contest was also a great opportunity to interact with the budding goan talent pool of engineers, developers and management professionals, much of whom were fascinated by Tangentia’s AI operations, robotics and internship opportunities.

Tangentia Knowledge Session “The Future of Work, Bots, and AI is here”

Tangentia received a positive response from a number of industry partners, officials as well as local government bodies, who appreciated Tangentia’s longstanding contribution towards Goa’s push towards digital transformation.

Tangentia also organized knowledge sessions at the event for delegates and visitors, with the “The Future of Work, Bots, and AI is here” session highlighting work done by Tangentia AI experts in the fields of Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain, and Machine Learning.

“I Love Goa” Buttons from Tangentia

The Tangentia I Love Goa buttons were a huge success with nearly 1000 of them distributed amongst the attendees. We even had our humble button get a few selfies with some big-name personalities like Mr. Piyush Goyal – Minister of Railways & Commerce Government of India, Mr. Pramod Sawant, Honorable Chief Minister of Goa & Mr. Jagat Shah – Chief Mentor Vibrant Goa.

Canada-Goa B2B Meet

As a Canadian headquartered company & with our CEO being the head of the Canadian delegation to Vibrant Goa, the “Canada-Goa B2B Meet” sponsored by Tangentia was a great opportunity for Goan companies looking to do business with Canadian companies in India or looking to expand to Canada. Discussions were held with the Canadian Delegation about their businesses, plans & aspirations for India & Goa as well as collaboration opportunities.

FOHO (Fractional Ownership Homes)

Another highlight of day one was the grand launch of FOHO (Fractional Ownership Homes), a fresh take on the idea of home ownership. FOHO is the latest addition to Tangentia Venture’s vast portfolio of businesses and startups.
FOHO is a unique opportunity where unconnected buyers collectively & securely own the freehold of a home better known as fractional ownership. We are a more cost-effective alternative to whole ownership of a holiday home with the additional benefit of potentially growing your investment. We’d say that we are smart second-home ownership opportunities.
Learn more at

Our CEO Vijay Thomas summed up the expo perfectly.

“The world is on the cusp of a revolution with multiple market forces like globalization, digitalization, remote working, global creative class, work-life Balance, Blue Economy, fractional ownership of assets and shared services becoming prevalent. Goa could become one of the global leaders with its ability to provide the platform for many of these market forces. Vibrant Goa showcased all that exists in Goa, and more so showcased what was possible in the future and from what we can see the future is exciting for sure. We at Tangentia are really excited about the Goa story and would invite everybody worldwide to come and have a look at what Goa has to offer.”

The Team at Tangentia looks forward to participating in Vibrant Goa 2020 in Dubai.

Tangentia participates in Vibrant Goa delegation to Israel

  • Tangentia participates in Vibrant Goa delegation to Israel

“It was a wonderful experience representing Goa and Goan Business in Israel. Right off the bat, Goa was very well recognized by Israeli business people as multiple generations of Israeli's have been coming to Goa as tourists and the fact that they could do business in Goa brought a smile to their faces. Representing Tangentia which is a technology company, it was initially difficult building a business proposition for the Israeli technology companies to partner with us but after a few conversations, it was evident that there is a huge opportunity for Israeli companies looking at the Indian market to partner with companies based out of Goa and using that partnership to springboard into the Indian market.”

“There is a lot of trust built over the decades between Israel and Goa and with direct flights starting up in September between Tel Aviv and Goa, it will be a huge catalyst to business. Our delegation was successful in convincing multiple major Israeli organizations in the Innovation, Startup and Medical fields to participate in Vibrant Goa and we look forward to meeting them in Goa in October.”

“It was my first visit to Israel and I will confidently say that it will not be the last one. I would like to thank Vibrant Goa for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful delegation and the Government of Goa to have sent Mr. Joshua Dsouza as an official representative on the delegation. Slowly but surely, we are confident that Goa will be on the mind of Israeli businesses when they think of India.”

Tangentia Global Innovation Lab Launch Event

  • Introducing the Tangentia Global Innovation Lab

Tangentia is proud to announce the launch of the Tangentia Global Innovation Lab. The lab will showcase Tangentia’s breakthrough technologies and consulting services. The new initiative is intended to be a discovery event series for both current and prospective customers. “The Global Innovation Lab has been a long time coming. We do many things really well and this event is an opportunity for us to highlight our strengths.” says Vijay Thomas, Tangentia’s CEO. With products and services tackling business-critical work in automation, digital, security, cloud and EDI; there are no shortage of questions to be answered.

A quick look at will illustrate just how diverse a skill set the technology teams at Tangentia manage. In the world of automation we’ve recently been working on a number of projects involving Robot Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. As a long time IBM partner we’ve developed a close relationship to tackle today’s the biggest automation challenges.

The latest trend in increased threats in internet security has made Blockchain a promising technology for the future. Many businesses are asking the question “How can Blockchain help my business?” This question and many others will be discussed in detail at the Global Innovation Lab. To really begin leveraging the internet in a more secure way, Blockchain is worth taking the time to understand.

Tangentia’s Digital division oversees everything from mobile development, omni-channel e-commerce, and in-depth enterprise analytics. You can look forward to gaining project insights that can help you avoid costly mistakes. With a rise in public awareness of data privacy breaches in large companies. Nothing is more important than keeping your sensitive information secure. It can be incredibly costly to be hacked. If you are interesting in learning more about Tangentia’s security practice, our experts at the event can shed light on Cloud Security, IAM, End Point Management and data privacy.

A technology event would not be complete without a conversation about Cloud services. With Tangentia cloud services across all major cloud providers including Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud, and more. Whether it is Cloud First, Cloud Native, or Cloud APIs – Tangentia has the answer.Lastly, we’ll discuss the industry standard electronic highway for processing purchase orders with major retailers, EDI. Whether it’s keeping on top of your 850, 857, 810 or 997’s – Tangentia has a network of more than 2000 major retailers with 100% reliable compliant mappings. If any mapping changes are requested by your trading partners, they can be updated across all our customers in real-time. Keeping your business running with less stress and frustration. Got questions about integration with your ERP system? Join us at the event and we will walk you through it’s application as it relates to your business.