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Staring at the Bot

Shrigouri Jumnalkar

Author: Shrigouri Jumnalkar

Have you ever created something on your own? You're completely obsessed with it and you treat it like it is one of your expensive possessions? Yes ! Me too. I am Shrigouri Jumnalkar working as an RPA/AI Developer in Tangentia India Private Limited and I am going to pin down my experience of Automating my first end to end process for one of Tangentia's Clients.

To begin with all the how's and what's, let me give you some information on what Robotic Process Automation is about. It ain't magic ! It is a very calculated and planned approach on making a process work from its input to its output stage. We become aware and take note of the smallest steps that a human would take while working on any process , it could be as small as copying and pasting a text from one place to another or as big as processing a million lines of data leading to a full fledge documentation for Bank Transfer, Production Orders or Invoice Generations.

Coming back to my relation with the first project here at Tangentia. I can call it a “Love Hate Relationship". It was quite challenging. Everything in it was dynamic, something that worked today and gave me a good night sleep just decided to completely fail the next day and I am back to the owl mode. Yes, there are seniors to help me out and managers to handle the situation , but how could I stay calm until it's fixed? I JUST COULD NOT STOP ! I was so obsessed and kept breaking my head on every smallest change. The rush is unreal. It sounds so exaggerated right now but my RPA buddies are going to back me up on this and it's no secret that we sometimes know exactly where it's going to fail. We are ready with a “Jugaad '' as we Indians call it. The same “Jugaad" either works wonders or creates a bigger blunder.

One fine morning when it actually works, you are really proud but you're biting your nails staring at the screen with the other hand placed on the mouse. Ready to pause the bot run even if you sense a small discomfort on the screen. You keep looking at it forever even though the main purpose of its creation is to work on its own. You are so offended when someone calls it an easy task and you're on cloud nine when someone appreciates it. I am glad I am a part of a team where I actually get appreciated. Sometimes you are so surprised with how an error gets handled smoothly as if it were some magic, forgetting the fact that you were the one who put up the code in the first place. You watch the whole run over and over again (I watched it for 6 hours straight.LOL).

Yes , I did get assigned to another project eventually, but my first project will always be a special one to me. Although I sometimes just wanted to type “ctrl+A" and “delete" making it vanish from my eye, I would never miss a chance of “Staring at the Bot" every day and night.

Are you someone who enjoys building the bots and staring at them, then Tangentia is a place for you. We have a huge opening for RPA developers. Check out the careers page and apply.

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