Get e-Invoicing compliant within 10 days

Tangentia | Get e-Invoicing compliant within 10 days
  • Tangentia | Get e-Invoicing compliant within 10 days
    Tangentia | Get e-Invoicing compliant within 10 days

    Get e-Invoicing compliant within 10 days

Time is running out for businesses in India that have an annual turnover greater than Rs 100 crores. If this applies to you, you have until January 1, 2021 to become compliant with the new mandatory e-Invoicing requirements that have been established by the government of India.
With this sense of urgency hanging over you, you might be wondering how you’ll become compliant in time. After all, the transition comes with its share of technological challenges. Fortunately, there’s a way – and it’s easy. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at what e-Invoicing is.

What is e-Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing – or e-Invoicing – is a method of digital invoicing that is becoming increasingly common in the B2B world. The e-Invoicing system operates as an integrated solution designed to ensure that one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can electronically generate and send an invoice to another ERP system. The receipt and processing of the invoice is automatic.

How e-Invoicing works

As of January 1, 2021, companies in India will be required to generate GST invoices from their ERP system. They will also be required to register their transactions with the government’s invoice registration portal. This portal verifies the invoice, ensures it has been digitally signed by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN), and generates the signed e-Invoice. This signed e-Invoice will come with an Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and a Quick Response (QR) code and it will be issued to the relevant business for their records.

How companies can prepare for e-Invoicing

In order to ensure compliance with the new e-Invoicing requirements, Indian companies and global enterprises operating in India must update their ERP and accounting systems so they can effectively manage their GST reporting obligations. This is particularly challenging for businesses that manually generate e-Invoices.
However, the benefits that come with e-Invoicing go far beyond compliance with the Indian government’s new regulations. Replacing paper invoicing with e-Invoicing will save you money, improve your cash flow, ensure shorter payment cycles, reduce errors, and make it much easier to file your returns.

Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway

To avoid the complexity of switching to e-Invoicing and to take full advantage of what the e-Invoicing system has to offer, Tangentia has developed their Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway (TEG). This is a e-Invoicing system that provides you with some amazing features, such as:

  • A reconciliation dashboard to create a transparent, friction-less experience
  • Seamless integration with ERP and multiple options for ERP integration
  • Extensive validation checks and real-time monitoring to ensure the legal accuracy of all e-Invoice data and to avoid the duplication of invoices
  • Auto-exclusion of documents that are not required for IRN
  • Bulk generation of IRNs, making it an all-inclusive solution for end-to-end IRN and GST compliance
  • An India-specific GST compliance suite to automate GST returns, reconciliations, and e-way bills

Don’t let the idea of switching to e-Invoicing prevent you from becoming compliant. Automate your e-Invoicing process and gain control over GST compliance with Tangentia. We can help you navigate India’s GST compliance regulations and seamlessly move your business to e-Invoicing with zero operational disruption. And all of this within just 10 days.

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Contact us today for more information about how the Tangentia e-Invoicing Gateway can help you become IRN and GST compliant in time for the January 1, 2021 deadline.

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