Social media marketing Tumblr, Periscope, TikTok, Telegram

You may not consider social media marketing as a paid search campaign, however in order to maximize your visibility on social media platforms, paid social media is a must nowadays. Not only are consumers spending upwards of two hours per day on social media sites, however nearly 90 % of marketers also say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75 % say they’ve increased traffic.

However, social media marketing nowadays is pay-to-play. For example, Facebook’s news algorithm has it so users only see roughly 2 % of branded posts in their news feed. Paying for ads allows you to reach people that you may not have been able to reach organically.
Whether you’re just getting started with social media marketing or you’re looking to fine-tune your existing campaign, our PPC (pay per click) specialists are ready to help with every aspect of your social media campaign management—from tracking setup to content creation and more.
You can count on us for social media marketing Tumblr, Periscope, TikTok, Telegram.

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How to Use Instagram for Business Marketing 2019

Are you still trying to work out how to use Instagram for business marketing? Whether you love it, hate it or know nothing about it, Instagram is now big news in the business world. While many people still see it as the best place to get gossip directly from their favourite celebrities, savvy businesses are using Instagram as a way to promote their brand and get their message out to a wider community – for free.

Many businesses aren’t aware of the impact Instagram can have until they’re shown examples of it, so let’s get an idea of what makes Instagram so good for business:

Instagram had nearly seven times the growth of Facebook over the last five years. Although Facebook still has a larger overall membership, Instagram is growing faster. According to a new study from Lolatycs, each Instagram user is, on average, likely to share three times more mobile in-app content than a Facebook user.

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Love Island star Amber Gill’s Instagram followers are 65th fake.

Love Island star Amber Gill’s Instagram followers are 65th fake, according to a study.

Amber presently has 535,000 followers on Instagram, a number that will certainly skyrocket when she leaves the villa.

But she may want to take some time to get rid of the spam.
According to research carried out by Instagram influencer marketing service Takumi, she had the highest percentage of fake followers when she entered the villa, along with new boy Jordan Hames who also has 65th fake followers.

Behind them are the recently dumped Joe Garratt (412,000 followers) and Yewande Biala (365,000 followers) both with 64th fake followers, and Michael Griffiths (478,000 followers) with 63 fake followers.

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Instagram Applications for Android Users

Before Instagram was launched, Android users were waiting too long for a great Android application which can bring great advantages for its users. It was on April 2012 when Android has collaborated with the Instagram app for Android phones. Instagram works well with any OS 2.2 versions and above which supports OpenGL ES. However, Instagram basically features several choices as well as features like the previous iOS app like photo taking and photo sharing.

Instagram can be very compatible with any kind of Android phone which run Android 2.2. However Android also releases the latest version with several features like:

  • Automatic audio mute at the time user is capturing fixes.
  • The Instagram can supports all tablets and other Wi-Fi devices.
  • Users who have limited storage can install Instagram through their external memory card.
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How to get more followers on instagram

Instagram provides fans with any easy to engage with their friends, followers, favorite brands and celebrities. From a simple photo sharing website, Instagram has become an efficient sales medium for businesses. Engagement on Instagram is greater than other well-known social media websites. In fact, the engagement on this platform is fifteen times more than on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. 

With Instagram, you can take photos with your phone and share it on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. You can post on various platforms at once, allowing you to save a lot of time and effort. Images will get you lots of exposure, comments and shares, which is great for branding on social media websites. Your photos will also appear on search engines. Optimize your photos by including keywords in their description, hash tags and titles. The more you post, the more Instagram followers and likes you’ll get. 

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle post image of Muhlaysia Booker on Instagram for Pride month

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle posted a collage of pictures on Instagram that included a photo of Muhlaysia Booker, a Dallas transgender woman who was slain a month after she was savagely beaten in an attack captured on video.
The British royal couple created the post to kick off Pride month, which recognizes the impact of the LGBT community around the world. Booker appears in the upper-left corner of the nine-image collage.

“This month we pay tribute to the accounts supporting the LGBTQ+ community — those young and old, their families and friends, accounts that reflect on the past and are hopeful for a deservedly more inclusive future,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wrote on Instagram. “We stand with you and support you. Because it’s very simple: love is love.”

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