Instagram Applications for Android Users

Before Instagram was launched, Android users were waiting too long for a great Android application which can bring great advantages for its users. It was on April 2012 when Android has collaborated with the Instagram app for Android phones. Instagram works well with any OS 2.2 versions and above which supports OpenGL ES. However, Instagram basically features several choices as well as features like the previous iOS app like photo taking and photo sharing.

Instagram can be very compatible with any kind of Android phone which run Android 2.2. However Android also releases the latest version with several features like:

  • Automatic audio mute at the time user is capturing fixes.
  • The Instagram can supports all tablets and other Wi-Fi devices.
  • Users who have limited storage can install Instagram through their external memory card.

Yet, users are able to make the most of Application Programming Interface from Instagram for integrating the application to other kinds of tools. The app’s main feature is that users have access in sharing pictures by using various platforms. Besides, they do not have to wait longer to do it. Instagram is a free application and Android is expected to introduce a ‘Freemium’ cost model along with several extra features. They are expected to be purchased at very low priced in which it may be similar to the subscription fee.

Users are simply signing up for their Instagram account when they want to use the Instagram app through their Android smart phones. Instagram is very popular because of its ability to link with previously famous social media websites including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and several other websites. Users of Android are able now to take pictures by making several changes using filter effects. They can also use their current pictures from their Android’s image gallery. Editing is much easier because the filter is very user friendly and the photo sharing is even easier as users can just follow their Instagram’s friends to build a broader social network.

What about those non-Instagram users who want to see the pictures from their friends’ Instagram account? The good news is that Android devices can allow Instagram users to share their pictures, even for those who do not have Instagram account. They can access the pictures through Facebook or Twitter.

Using Instagram can let users integrating pictures to various social media websites, blogs, websites and other updates. We all know that images can add visual appeal significantly. Interesting pictures can grab attention to many followers so that your popularity is increasing with your picture sharing. Why not try Pinterest as one of the most visited social media website which grabs lots of attention from many internet users throughout the world? Eye catching pictures with good angle can add the appeal of a product. There are several applications from Instagram that users can use for compiling interesting pictures. They can share them on Facebook’s timeline instantly. This can bring a great response from Facebook friends or Twitter followers and its results in the increasing profits when they are interested in buying the products.

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