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Understanding how people and technology interact is one of the greatest challenges of digital transformation. Soroco has faced that challenge head on, making it possible for organizations to get a structured view of how people and technology work together at the ground level, so change can happen at critical process points.

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About Soroco

Soroco is dedicated to discovering how organizations work, to help teams do the very best they can. Soroco Scout is a work graph platform that has been designed to give organizations a comprehensive view of how work is happening. This makes it possible to develop a deep understanding of how processes are working at the macro and micro level.

Soroco Scout Capabilities

Soroco Scout, in partnership with Tangentia, provides you with hybrid process mining capabilities that make it possible to visualize a process from end to end and collaborate to improve those processes. This improvement is discovery-led and happens at both the macro and micro levels.
Full Process Visibility

Full Process Visibility

Build a work graph-led process catalog that will allow you to organize processes into a hierarchy that will give you a macro-level understanding of how work is happening at the micro level, providing a detailed view right up to the moment the process is completed.

Understand Process Variations

Understand Process Variations

Use Scout’s machine learning capabilities to combine structured and unstructured work to increase your understanding of process coverage, so you can create a complete, real-time overview of all the potential variations that exist in the work your teams are doing.

Gain a Complete View of Process Performance

Gain a Complete View of Process Performance

Integrate end-user insights and application-generated logs to gain an end-to-end view of process speed, productivity and quality at the macro and micro levels, making it possible to deepen insights and map out custom enterprise KPIs for each of your processes.

Our Partnership with Soroco

Tangentia has partnered with Soroco to bring you the very best in process mining and process discovery technology. We work together to ensure you have a collaborative environment in which process owners can get a full view of processes from beginning to end, providing insight into improvements and enhancements that can transform processes across your organization.

Tangentia | Soroco

Begin Your Enterprise's Continous Improvement with Tangentia + Soroco

Industry Solutions

Soroco provides process discovery and process mining capabilities for organization across a wide range of industries, making it possible for them to accelerate automation and increase speed and efficiencies, ultimately improving the customer experience.

End-to-End Product Development


Process discovery is a key component to an organization’s ability to scale effectively and implement intelligent automation that will streamline processes and increase revenues, while lowering costs and making better use of human resources.

Tailored System Architecture

Financial Services

Financial services, including eCommerce companies, rely on process mining and discovery to increase team capacity and reduce the average handling time (ATH) of transactions, improving both the employee and customer experience.

Rapid Development

Global Consumer Products

Companies that work at the global level of supplying goods to consumers are able to use process discovery and process mining to improve process efficiencies through automation and discover opportunities for increasing their ROI.

Improved Customer Satisfaction


Insurance companies can take advantage of process discovery and mining to reduce the handing time involved with insurance processes and eliminate the errors that typically come with manual data entry.

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