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Optimizing Manufacturing processes and break through operational barriers

Embrace RPA to streamline supply chain processes, automate planning, supplier onboarding and operations to realize higher a ROI than ever before.

Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing

Increase Productivity with Intelligent Process Automation

RPA is an automation technology that uses intelligent, software-based robots (bots) to automate repetitive, logic-based business processes, much the same way a physical robot can automate repetitive physical tasks.RPA provides manufacturing with a unique opportunity to streamline the processes involved in critical functions across the organization, eliminating error and shifting the focus of human resources to more high-value tasks.

Why RPA for Manufacturing?

Reduced Process Waste, Lower Costs, Increased Productivity
Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing


Reduce the complexity of sales forecasting and demand planning by automating the process of importing, processing and cross-referencing data from various systems.

Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing


Automate your MRP to reduce error and save money, while aligning with critical inputs and avoiding inventory shortages and delays that can compromise the master production schedule.

Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing


RPA makes onboarding suppliers easy with its ability to develop sourcing packages for potential suppliers, receive and analyze proposals and create evaluation sheets for easier selection.

Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing


RPA is platform agnostic and can act as a bridge between your digital and paper presence. The integration of physical and digital data makes overall data management easier than ever.

Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing


Use RPA to interact directly with customers, communicating with them and resolving minor issues, escalating more serious issues to a human to resolve and engage in customer follow-up.

Tangentia | RPA Manufacturing


RPA makes it possible to automate data processing and record-keeping to ensure you are in compliance, prepared for an audit and able to pivot quickly when regulations change.

Rapidly Implement Manufacturing RPA with Tangentia Automation

Tangentia has been at the forefront of the automation revolution for decades. We have exceptionally skilled experts, who are committed to building custom automated systems that will meet the unique needs of your organization.
RPA will allow you to maximize your human, technical and logistical resources to improve overall business operations. This ensures you will remain competitive in the marketplace and adapt to the ever-changing demands today’s world places on the manufacturing industry.

What Tasks can RPA Solve for Manufacturing?

  • Collect and consolidate data from disparate systems
  • Track inventory levels, locations and date requirements
  • Optimize inventory levels based on previous need and demand patterns
  • Manage contracts and process POs for suppliers
  • Monitor customer demand and production capacity in real-time
  • Analyze repetitive tasks to determine where supply chain efficiencies exist
  • Identify compliance issues and provide insight in how to resolve them

Make an Impact on your Operational Processes Today

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