Order Management System

Tangentia Order Management SystemTangentia Order Management System

Order Management System

Intelligent Automations for Your OMS Processes

Seamless B2B & B2C Order
Management Solution
Operations that embrace intelligent order fulfillment and management solutions are achieving impressive results. Tangentia OMS is designed to make order management easy by enabling the consolidation of information across multiple channels in order to automate and streamline order processing.

Tangentia Order management System (OMS)

In today’s world, where seconds – even milliseconds – can impact a customer’s purchasing decisions, it’s absolutely essential that you fulfill their expectations for visibility and speed, give them a variety of fulfillment options, and provide them with the control they demand over the entire shopping experience.

If you don’t, somebody else will. And all the loyalty you invested years to acquire will be replaced by abandoned shopping carts and social media snark.

To make the matter even more complicated, you need to satisfy customer expectations for seamless, personalized omnichannel experiences, while also empowering your business users and in-store staff – enabling them to check inventory levels, order status, delivery dates, or whatever else might be required to do their jobs and better serve your customers.

What Can Tangentia OMS Do for You?

Tangentia | Order Management System

Improve inventory optimization

Improve inventory utilization with end-to-end inventory visibility across the entire fulfillment network.

Tangentia | Order Management System

Adapt quickly to change

Enable business users to add fulfillment channels, change rules, and orchestrate complex orders more efficiently across your entire fulfillment network. Create new customer and associate capabilities quickly as opportunities emerge.

Tangentia | Order Management System

Reduce the cost of fulfillment

Optimize fulfillment based on business rules that maximize fulfillment speed and costs without compromising the customer experience.

Tangentia | Order Management System

Reduce errors

Use automated technology to eliminate the errors of manual processes and to identify issues for early and fast remediation.

Tangentia | Order Management System

Gain real-time insights

Leverage powerful insights and artificial intelligence capabilities to inform fulfillment decisions in real-time against business objectives.

Tangentia | Order Management System

Increase store value

Leverage the store effectively in your omnichannel strategy and transform your stores into mini distribution centers for your B2C and B2B customers.

Many visionary retailers, manufacturers, and others have already introduced order management solutions into their operations with great results.

increase in online sales

increase in average customer lifetime value (LTV)

reduction in order resourcing

Benefits of Tangentia OMS for Your Organization

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Seamless omnichannel experiences

Customers may order online, contact your call center for additional information or to make changes, and then pick up in-store. Regardless of how they interact with you, your customers expect a seamless, error-free experience.

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Inventory visibility

Customers, whether B2C or B2B, want access to accurate inventory levels and where the products are located (warehouse or local store). They also want to be able to connect to a customer service or sales center that can also provide this information..

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Fulfillment options

Customers expect to select their most convenient fulfillment option.
An increasing number are choosing to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS). They’re also choosing curbside pickup or same-day delivery that some retailers are now offering to pick up their order within hours. These rapid-response retailers may be your competitors.

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Perfect orders

The perfect order is no longer aspirational; it’s become the minimum standard. And if the order is not precisely what the customer anticipated, they want to be able to return the purchase simply and quickly through whatever method suits them – postal mail, delivery service, at a store.

Discover How Easy OMS Can Be

Contact the Tangentia team to find out how Tangentia OMS can transform your order management capabilities.