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TiA Chatbot

Unlock the Power of
Conversational AI

An Intelligent Chatbot That Will Engage Your Customers

The TiA Chatbot is a conversational AI chatbot that forms a core part of the Tangentia Intelligent Automation (TiA) platform. Powered by IBM Watson, it is developed and optimized in-house by Tangentia’s team of experienced AI consultants. TiA Chatbot offers intelligent voice capabilities, analytics and reporting dashboards, RPA integration and more.

As a leading provider of AI services, Tangentia can help you tap into the immense power Core AI has to offer.

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What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a sophisticated piece of software that is capable of conducting a natural conversation with a human via text messaging, online chat or text-to-speech. This allows companies to provide automated customer service quickly and efficiently. At Tangentia, we work with companies to help them determine the best way to implement chatbots to take their customer service experience to the next level.

What Can TiA Chatbot Do for You?

Change your customer’s expectations of what customer service can be

Free up staff so they have time to handle more complex situations

Save money on customer service while transforming the customer experience

Benefits of TiA Chatbot for Your Organization

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot

Natural Conversation

Interact with customers fluently & naturally in more than 37 languages, allowing you to connect with customers from around the world.

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot

Enhance Speech

Real-time text-to-speech capabilities make it possible for devices to “speak” in multiple languages & with custom accents.

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot

Access to Analytics

Advanced analytics allow you to get a snapshot of communications in realtime so you can see what’s working & fx what’s not

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot

Automate Mundane Tasks

Cognitive AI lets you access legacy & back-end systems and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up people to engage in more productive activities.

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot

Ensure Access

With token authentication & computer recognition authentication the right people will have access to the right information at the right time

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot

Help Desk Support

Enjoy a Virtual Support Agent that can answer repetitive queries, reset passwords, deploy software, escalate tickets to human agents & more.

Conversational AI Has Never Been So Easy

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Why Tangentia?

Tangentia is a leader in AI and Chatbot technology.Learn the advantages of working with us.

Trusted IBM partner

Partnering with IBM has given us the ability to provide you with cloud-based solutions, using the SaaS model, and easy access to a robust infrastructure.

24/7 Support

Our offices in Canada, the United States, and India, allow us to offer you around-the-clock support via phone or email to keep your systems running smoothly.

Enterprise-Grade Quality

For decades we have provided innovative EDI services that come with reliable, scalable, and customizable solutions to suit your needs.

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