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Tangentia | Security

Agile IT Security Solutions Delivered by Tangentia

In today’s high-tech world, organizations are faced with the use of multiple devices via multiple end-points, resulting in the need to control user access to safeguard data privacy. This has led to increased security vulnerabilities, prompting a corresponding need to ensure enhanced protection of an organization’s data, without the use of a highly complex system that will be a burden on management and staff.

Help Your Organization Stay Nimble While Keeping Your Data Safe

At Tangentia, we believe you should have all the protection you need, without the burden of complexity. We are committed to helping your organization maintain security while also maintaining functionality.

Why Tangentia for Security?

At Tangentia, we provide cloud-based intrusion detection and 24/7 security monitoring led by our team of IAM-trained experts. If a breach is detected, an alert is automatically generated. Plus, our security scales as fast as your business, whether you are running on our elastic private cloud or hybrid cloud. And since redundancy is supported by our comprehensive backup and recovery capacities, a disruptive event won’t keep your organization from maintaining operational efficiency.

Whether you are storing personal customer data, employee information, or other sensitive information, you need to ensure data privacy and protection against data leaks. This is something we take very seriously at Tangentia. Our fully transparent data privacy strategy focuses on constant surveillance and a coordinated, swift response to data breaches in order to protect your greatest asset.

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

Data management tools accessible via a single dashboard that provide actionable information, real time monitoring and automatic assistance to enable enhanced data security.

IBM Data Risk Manager

Provides enterprise-wide risk management system to help track, assess, and visualize data-related business threats so organizations can take steps to enhance security.

IBM BigFix Applications

A systems management solution comprised of various customizable solutions offering services that simplify IT processes and reduce the cost of ownership, all while enhancing security.

Ready to Secure Your Data?

Contact us today for more information on how Tangentia Security can help ensure your data is secure.