IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer

File transfers play an important role in the flow of data and essential documents for your business. But getting all of your employees and internal processes aligned is challenging.
Failed file transfers can expose you to potential security threats, while lost files directly impact your business operations. A Managed File File Transfer (MFT) allows for reliable and secure transfers for all your files.
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What Is IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer?

IBM Sterling File Transfer is a cloud-based file transfer platform that allows you to monitor and track critical information moving within and outside your organization.

The platform is scalable and growth-friendly, with the ability to handle high volume and maintain compliance.

Business Benefits

Discover Why IBM Sterling Secure File
Transfer is an Industry-Leading Solution

Track your mission-critical information as it moves across your business and your trading partners network. Easily and securely transfer your important business files with confidence.

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Consolidated Platform

Handle large volumes of files, large file sizes, and an increasing number of trading partners. The platform is fully scalable and doesn’t have any product defined limits. The simplified user interface makes it easy for you to define metadata, schedules, and define user roles.

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Unmatched Security

IBM Sterling was built with cyber security standards that protect your data, whether it’s in motion or at rest.This solution uses industry-leading security features, including secure protocols, encryption, digital signatures, and multi-factor identity management tools to secure your files and transfers.

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Increased Reliability

IBM Sterling’s 24/7 architecture provides automatic fault monitoring and transmission restart. You can schedule jobs, view alerts and get audit trails and reports for all activities, leaving your IT team to focus on value added activities.

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Strengthen Governance

Increase your end-to-end visibility and governance with a centralized and customized dashboard. The dashboard detects faults and gives you timely alerts to ensure quick and accurate response times that will improve your SLA performance.

Why Tangentia for Your Next IBM Project?

For the last 20 years Tangentia has been recognized as an IBM Business Platinum Partner. During this time we have delivered IBM solutions to over a 1000+ customers worldwide.

Tangentia | IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer
Tangentia is committed to the IBM relationship and continues to invest in our teams capabilities through training and IBM certifications.
As a trusted IBM solution provider and reseller you can feel confident your EDI, B2B or AI project will exceed your organizations expectations, be delivered on time and within budget.

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