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Streamline Oil & Gas processes like never before with RPA

RPA can transform how work is done, whether it is your back-office, front-office or in the field – streamlining processes and improving outcomes across your organization and the oil and gas industry.

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Leverage RPA to quickly respond to changes in the Oil & Gas industry

Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas requires pivoting how your business operates and embracing new ways of working. Adoption of digital technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are evolving to be necessary in order to stay competitive in terms of speed to market and financial performance, RPA can transform how work is done, whether it is your back-office, front-office or in the field – streamlining processes and improving outcomes across your organization and the oil and gas industry.

Increase productivity, eliminate errors, improve operations

RPA is an automation technology that applies the use of intelligent, software-based robots to automate repetitive, high frequency/volume and menial mundane business processes. RPA offers exceptional benefits by standardizing processes, reducing errors and exceptions, and optimizing transaction between you and your customers or suppliers through the organization and across the industry.
More importantly, RPA puts your human power where you need it most by automating low-value tasks so humans can focus on higher value activities.

Why RPA for Oil & Gas?

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs, Improved Cashflow
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Whether you want to implement tasks manually, automate tasks, or use a hybrid approach to automation, RPA gives you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Tangentia | RPA Oil & Gas


When processes are properly integrated across business areas, you will remain responsive, agile, and completive, maximizing productivity and profitability with access to real-time data.

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With RPA, you will be able to meet the demand for efficient, flexible, reliable drilling operations, a demand that is increasing at an astonishing rate.

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RPA is uniquely suited to handle the complexity that comes with oil and gas data and easily integrates with a wide range of industry systems and tool.

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Build an automated framework that will allow you to keep up with changes and innovations with the industry.

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Use RPA to execute and manage multiple back-office systems and processes, such as pricing, order management, shipping, invoicing, monitoring, and reporting.

Now is the Time To Implement Oil & Gas RPA With Tangentia Automation

Tangentia has over a decade of experience in automation and our highly skilled experts are dedicated to building automated systems that are customized to suit the needs of your organization.

What Solutions is RPA providing the Oil & Gas Industry?


  • End-to-End automation of vendor invoice management
  • Streamline finance processes to improve cash flow
  • Enable automated recruiting, onboarding and payroll
  • Enhance exception handling process


  • Reduce average call time by eliminating data search across multiple applications
  • Shift focus to the customer interaction by relieving agents of tedious, time-consuming repetitive tasks managing customer data
  • Eliminate human keystroke errors and improve customer or supplier data accuracy

Field Operation

  • Automation of work order process and procurement requisition requirements
  • Eliminate waste and increase agility with real-time visibility to inventory
  • Monitor logistics by tracking all transportation cost and outcomes across carriers
  • Automate Reporting and Administration to enable timely data management across production and business systems

Drive More Value Out of Your Processes With RPA

Get in touch with the Tangentia team to see how RPA can benefit your business through customized solutions designed for your business goals.

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