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Improve The Customer Experience Gain A Competitive Advantage

RPA provides telecom companies the ability to streamline contract and customer management to keep up with the rapidly changing telecom industry.

Tangentia | RPA Telecom

Embrace The Power Of RPA In An Increasingly Competitive Marketplace

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a game changer in the telecommunications industry. Telecom companies are under increasing strain to keep up with changes in the industry, while maintaining an exceptional customer experience.
RPA provides telecom companies the ability to streamline contract and customer management and keep up with the rapidly changing telecom industry. This frees up human workers to focus on high-value tasks and core competencies.


Tangentia | RPA Telecom

Why Robotic Process Automation for Telecom?

Increased Customer Service, Lower Costs, Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Tangentia | RPA Telecom


Meet the growing demands of both customers and the industry at a lower cost by using RPA to process and manage order management tickets.

Tangentia | RPA Telecom


Analyze customer data and provide the sales team with tips on opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, increasing average revenue per user (ARPU).

Tangentia | RPA Telecom


Use RPA to identify contract changes and transfer those changes to the CRM, reducing the workload that typically comes with contract renewal.

Tangentia | RPA Telecom


RPA can provide a chatbot that can be the first line of contact for customers, providing them with basic information and answering frequently asked questions.

Tangentia | RPA Telecom


RPA bots are capable of generating digitized bills and emails that can be sent to customers, leaving staff to focus on tasks that generate revenue.

Tangentia | RPA Telecom


Use RPA to track competitor websites, keeping up-to-date on their pricing, special offers and service offerings and analyzing the findings to gain competitive insights.

Tangentia | RPA Telecom

Empower Your Telecom Operations With Tangentia Automation

Tangentia has been a transformative presence in automation for decades. Our team of highly skilled experts has led the way in building custom automated systems. We can create a system that is ideally suited to meet the unique needs of your telecom organization.
RPA makes it possible to provide your customers with the very best service at a speed they will appreciate, all while maximizing the talents and time of your human workforce. The end result? Remaining competitive in the marketplace and easily adapting to the constantly-shifting demands of the telecom industry.

What Tasks can RPA Solve for Telecom?

  • Process customer transactions
  • Communicate with customers and answer FAQs
  • Input data into the CRM
  • Manage help-desk tickets
  • Escalate tickets to a human when an issue arises
  • Create, modify and cancel orders
  • Reconnect suspended users
  • Generate reports

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Tangentia | RPA Telecom

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