Agile Application Development

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Taking App ( Enterprise+ Mobile) Development to the Next Level

Tangentia Agile App Development

The technological revolution of the 21st century has made creative and high-quality mobile applications a priority for individuals and businesses worldwide. Start-ups, large-scale companies, and corporations alike rely on these mobile apps for brand reinforcement that will give them a competitive advantage. And they rely on us to help develop them.
Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Get the help you need to develop the apps your customers want

At Tangentia we understand the importance of quality mobile application development. This is why we use innovative UX concepts and agile development techniques to deliver a broad range of cutting-edge mobile app development services that will ensure your brand is visible and easily accessible.

Empower your business to do more with…

A customized mobility solution that suits the unique needs of your business
A mobile development strategy that will solidify your brand in the marketplace
The ability to adapt your mobile development in real time for quick deployment

A Wealth of Benefits Wrapped into One Incredible Service

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Cloud Mobility Solution

Think outside the box of pre-packaged solutions with a cloud-based mobility solution customized to suit your company’s needs globally.

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Infrastructure & Integration

Whether you have a legacy system, or use a cloud/hybrid model, we provide full integration with your existing infrastructure & advanced analytics on all devices.

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Enterprise App Dev

We will help you develop a mobile strategy toward successful app design, development, & deployment that will help you retain brand visibility.

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

App Maintenance Services

Our mobility managed services allow to you focus on your core business while we take care of ongoing maintenance, testing, upgrades, & support for your mobile apps & platforms.

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Cost Effective

Our team of experts analyzes all customer data and offers a cost-effective way to share the newest and most compatible solutions using a technology stack based on customer requirements.

Tangentia | Agile Application Development

Leading Edge Technology

Advance your mobility program with innovative technologies including VR, AR, & wearable technology that will engage your customers & keep them coming back for more.

Why Tangentia?

At Tangentia, we have established ourselves as a leader in mobile app development that:
Cross Platform

Works with both traditional and innovative new mobile technologies


Uses Agile methodology across all our development projects

On Time

Guarantees consistent app development progress to meet project deadlines

Step Up Your Mobility Game with Tangentia Agile App Development

Connect with our experienced Agile App Development Team to learn how we can help you create the mobile apps your customers want.